Mills County Historical Museum

Important Resource Links in Glenwood, IA

We offer a number of essential resource links in Glenwood, IA, to help you find even more information on the history of the area. There are also links to other local attractions. Contact us to learn more.

Wabash Trace Nature Trail

Address: PO Box 581, Shenandoah, IA 51601
Phone: 712-326-8207

Tabor Historical Society

Address: PO Box 584, 412 Orange St, Tabor, IA 51653
Phone: 712-313-0102

Indian Creek Historical Society

Address: 59256 380th St, Hastings, IA 51540
Phone: 712-824-7730

Mills County Pony Creek Park

Address: 56235 Deacon Rd, Pacific Junction, IA 51561
Phone: 712-527-9685